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While in Australia, being over 9,000 miles away for 30+ days, and traveling quite extensively for those 30+ days can be quite a daunting task to keep a constant flow of communication. Although we can't guarantee that the team members may have access to their personal email, social media, or be able to make phone calls, our main method of communication to our family and friends back in the States will be through our updates.  With that said, Team Outreach Australia does have a "team" cell phone and will provide that contact on this page once we arrive in-country.

If you need to get in contact with us or would just like to send us an encouraging message that you're praying for us, please use the following form to contact the Australia Team leader.



Note: In case of an emergency, please contact Y.O.M. by using the phone number above.


Youth Outreach Ministry
Australia Team
P.O. Box 18315
Pensacola, FL 32523