Travel Overview

As we continue to plan, layout, and finalize our 2018 ministries, we will update you on our travel.  Here is what we have so far...

Flight Information

LA Hollywood (1024x680)In 2018, Team Australia will meet in Los Angeles (LAX) during the afternoon on Thursday, June 28. Later that evening, we will depart LAX and begin our journey to Australia, arriving two days later during the morning of June 30.  What is interesting is that when we depart to return back to the U.S. on July 30, we will arrive in Los Angeles that same morning!  Making the approximately 16-hour flight to Melbourne in the world's largest commercial jet (the Airbus A380) with its various amenities will be quite enjoyable!

Our 2018 flight itinerary is as follows:

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Drive Information

Upon arriving for our 2018 month-long ministry, we will minister in four Australian States: New Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland.  This year, along with past years, we will rent a 12-passenger minibus and use this as our main mode of in-country transportation.  Compared with 2016 where we drove over 8,000 kms in 31 days, this year it won't be that bad as we will only drive a little over 3,000 kms.  Being able to take two "in-country" one-way flights from Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Brisbane will save almost 2,000 kms of additional driving.

IMG_0600On Saturday, June 30, we will arrive into Melbourne, will pick up our 12-passenger minibus, and will minister to three different churches throughout the week.  On Friday of that next week, we will drive to the Mildura region via the Great Ocean Road which is always something the team looks forward to as we get to see the beautiful Australian coastline.

After spending the Sunday Morning service with them, we will trek across to Adelaide to minister to a church in their Sunday Evening service as well as in their week-long Winter Teen Camp at Walker Flat along the mighty Murray River. On Friday morning after camp is over, we will drive 8 hours to return back to Melbourne to drop off our 12-passenger minibus and fly up to Sydney that same evening.  IMG_3302We will minister to two churches throughout the following week in addition to a Nursing Home. Early Saturday morning, we will enter the last phase of our trip by flying up Brisbane (renting another 12-passenger minibus) to assist a ministry for several days in several Outback communities. We will then return to the Brisbane area to finish up with a super weekend filled with a Brisbane area-wide outreach on Saturday and an Anniversary Sunday church service.  Sadly, on that following Monday, we depart Brisbane and head home to the States.  One major prayer request is that God would provide us with great safety and unity during all of our travels!