Team Members 2015

2015 Australia Team Picture

Meet the 2015 Team Australia

Daniel Kim

Our "senior" member who is in his 3rd and final year of his Master's of Divinity program, is 24 years old and from the great state of New Jersey--the land of "no turn" (natives from New Jersey will understand this).  This will be Daniel's 3rd time going to Australia with the first time being on the 2011 Team Australia and in 2012 doing a mission internship.  He enjoys running, playing the piano, and table tennis.  Daniel's personal goal is to see the next big step as to what God wants him to do concerning missions.

Stephanie Hicks

Another "Yankee" or should we say, Chicago Cubs fan from Illinois.  Stephanie is 20 years old  and is in her 3rd year as a Business Management major with a Marketing minor.  She enjoys being with children, singing, and working...wonder if she whistles while she works?  Stephanie desires to see God work not only in the lives of others but also in herself and desires that God shows her what her "true calling" in life is to serve Him.

Tim Krug

Tim Krug3Our 21 year old adventurer from Pennsylvania that dares to go where many would not go!  While others run from bees, Tim likes honey bees and beekeeping.  He also enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting.  For example, Tim got really excited when he saw our kangaroo skin and wondered when he could skin one too.  Tim is a third year Bible major with an emphasis in Missions and Biblical Languages.  Tim desires to learn more about missions in another country.

Amy Adkins

Amy Adkins
Our graduating senior with a major in Early Childhood Education and Mathematics. Amy is 22 years old, from a preacher's family in North Carolina, and she enjoys building models, reading, and playing the piano and violin.  Amy is not a gypsy, but an interesting fact is that she has never stayed in a house longer than a couple of years.  Amy's personal goal is to see God expand her comfort zone in further ministries.

Mitchell Vaughan

Another senior from North Carolina.  Mitchell is 21 years old and is majoring in Youth Ministries with a Physical Education emphasis.  Mitchell loves soccer, visiting historic landmarks, singing, and traveling (that's good...because Australia is a LOOONNNNNNGGGGGG way from here).  Mitchell says he'll try any food once.  Will vegemite be tried more than once?  Mitchell would like to see God use and stretch him in ways he never thought possible and grow him through ministry.  He also would like to minister to the hearts of people through the love of Christ.

Megan and Kenzie Jones

Megan Jones PictureKenzie Jones Picture
Trying to keep up with the "Joneses" will be interesting as sisters Megan (left) and Kenzie (right) travel with Team Australia to the land downunder.  Megan, a graduating senior double majoring in Pre-Law and Accounting who is 22 and Kenzie, a sophomore Biology major who is 19, are from Madisonville, Kentucky.  Megan likes people--making them smile, talking to them, and telling stories--while Kenzie also loves telling stories and listening to them (not listening to herself, that is, but others). Something that will come in real handy on the trip is also their personal hobby of cooking which I'm sure they'll have plenty of opportunities to do so.  Overall, Megan desires to see God work in lives and save souls.  Kenzie just desires for God to use her to be a blessing to others.  We are so glad to have the Jones sisters join us on Team Australia.

Mark Labins

DSC_0661 MarkLabins
When first meeting Mark, he instructed us that it is "Labins" as in "Cabins."  A junior Pastoral Ministries major with a Music Ministries minor from El Dorado, California, Mark is 20 years old and ready to take the "wild west" and meet the "bush."  Mark loves biking, running, and rock climbing and amazingly enough, he has never broken a bone even while doing some crazy things throughout his life.  Mark's goal is to see God work in the hearts of the team and the people we meet, especially by seeing souls saved and lives changed for Christ.

Christy Hang Tuah

Our international team member who loves to travel and has actually been to every continent except for Africa, is from Jakarta, Indonesia.  She is 19 years old and a junior majoring in Accounting with a Management minor, and even though she has been to Australia two previous times for a vacation, she is really excited to be returning greatly desiring that God would be glorified through all of us.  Christy is looking forward to serving Him in many different ways as well as being a blessing to other people—I'm sure this desire will be fulfilled as her favorite hobby is cooking!